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DeLight is a catering service specializing in healthy and gourmet food so that everyone can take care of their body without giving up the pleasures of the table. Variations intended for people with food intolerances (gluten, lactose, etc.) or those with alternative food philosophies (vegetarianism and veganism for example) are also on the menu.

DeLight offers internationally inspired cuisine with a menu that changes cyclically according to the market and the seasons. Fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as fine herbs and spices, are the main protagonists of the dishes. They accompany legumes, meat or fresh fish to create an ideal balance on the plate.

The recipes always have a touch of originality and are entirely homemade with lots of love.

deLight's mission is to make people understand that you can eat healthy, balanced and tasty at the same time.

DeLight is a gourmet healthy food catering service for all the foodies who are conscious about their body. Gluten-free, dairy-free and vegetarian/vegan options are also on the menu to meet everyone's needs .

DeLight regularly varies its menus to follow the seasons and gets inspired by the international market: a colorful cuisine where fruit and vegetables together with spices and herbs from all around the world will create a perfect balance with legumes, meat or fish.

All the dishes have an original touch and are entirely homemade with a lot of love.

DeLight's mission is to make people understand that one can eat healthy, balanced and yummy at the same time.

Head of Light

Passionate about cooking since her childhood, Laura Ferreri realized her dream in 2015 by launching her company deLight. “I worked for years in large multinationals; I loved my job, but I always had in mind the desire to leave everything and make my passion my main activity”, says the young woman of Italian origin.

After several months of training in a professional cooking school in Rome and internships in major gastronomic establishments, Laura decided to specialize in healthy cooking adapted to everyone's diets.

His credo: “The pleasures of the table are a right that everyone should be able to access! An intolerance or any other food restriction should in no way deprive us of it!”

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